Sunday, November 24, 2013


Subject_02_For final printing

For final print, I control the whole shape because the sharpness part may be lost in printing. So, the dropping situation is expressed by just the stretch whole shape vertically. And the each fragments have inner structure like a bone parts, something like a break:in anatomy.

Stretch the shape

 Making fragments skin with frame

stacking structure by projected line

The final shape will be more organic and whole parts are connected. And the all parts will be one closed surface for real printing. So, I trim and control the surface and vertex manually step by step.

Making one shape

Stacking inner parts

Connecting outside parts

Completed shape

Inner structure

This is final shape for printing light render ver. The outside frame is more thicker because the print may be lost sharpness part or thin part. But I think the frame is more thin than now is best.

Whole parts

 Side view

Perspective view