Sunday, December 1, 2013


Subject_02_Final render

The printing is now working. And this is the render scene for doc or another use. I think about the variety of another alternative in bone solid parts. The random option or stacking option or column option has. I render whole scene with the concept will be revealed well specially.

Final model

I shot the scene for the concept is revealed well. The whole shape is square and the fragments are originated from that. and the whole parts make cube's time and shape anatomy.

The top view

 The side view_01

  The side view_02

  The side view_03

This is extra scene. After taking shot these scene, I think the object resemble to building or some structure for human. The stacked bone parts make floor and the fragments frames make structure. I do not know exactly, this method or some changed way have many possibility for new making form in real life or design I think.

 The perspective view_01 

 The perspective view_02

Human view

Bird's view

 Closed view_01

  Closed view_02

  Closed view_03

Special one