Sunday, October 13, 2013


Subject_01_Laser cut model

This is result surface for laser cut model. For assemble the whole parts, I use the piano wire 2.5mm. The gap is 3mm that same with the thickness of each surface.

 The result of lasercut

For assemble parts

The four rods are placed in corner each square and it must be thin for clearly surface. And for fix these rods, use the glue for plastic.


 Assemble complete

This is final picture. I think the final model needs more clear surface and more step for surface or make fragments bigger than this for making clear void in next time.





I think about the next step for 3d printing same concept. The 3d printing is the not clearly surface so the outside solid will be wireframe form and the inner void will be solid I think. So I try this one.

The wireframe 

The wireframe and solid inner fragments form