Sunday, September 29, 2013


Subject_01_Lasercut preparing & Collision shape trimming

This is first experiment for this concept. The final form model, the drawing must have the hole and number part for assembling after laser cut.

The drawing for laser cut

The collision shapes are too complicate, so I have to trim the line and surface for making laser cut. The fragment are merged for solid outside part, and the fragments are rearranged for inside void. The final shapes are made with two parts. This is left side part final form.

Trimmed left part

Right part

Assembled left part_01

Assembled left part_02

For final lesrcut, projecting the line in this model for extracting the surface each part. The surface are total 18EA and this is just let part. The final form will be assembled left and right parts totally.

 Projecting the line

 18EA Surfaces

 Extracting the surface

 Top view

Perspective view

Drawing file