Sunday, November 3, 2013


Subject_02_Form finding again

At this time, I try to making original shape(cube) with another method. In real accidental situation, the cube will break and be assembled using normal gravity.

Breaking and Assembling 

Using normal gravity


It is hard to contain in same size cube so, I change scale slightly. The inner void space make the fragments are overflow.

 Change the size

Get reassembled shape

Next step, I transfer the file to maya and making connection the fragments like a sewing. The sewing is that all fragments have same axis at least 1. So, I use the projection line method and get the 100 line surface like this.

Project line to polygon

 Get the 100 line surface

Having same z axis

And I made some alt for making more connectable shape like a fluid. I think the same surface method and making fluid shape are very effective method for looking connectable. I can make variety form with this basic 100 lines.

Top view

Making alt

Linear shape

Fluid shape

Front view