Sunday, September 15, 2013


Subject_01_Basic Shape Experiment

At first, I experiment with basic shape (Cube & Sphere) and explosion accident. I use plug-in for making voronoi breaking in C4D. And I choose the frame for making form for void part in solid.

Cube voronoi breaking

Sphere voronoi breaking

And then, I export picking frame to maya for making form. The original form will be solid part, and the picking breaking part will be void part in model. I extract the surface line in model for making laser cut model. The solid part will be surface and the void part will be making hole in this step. I will experiment more complex status or accident (like a collision between another form) in next step.

The Picking frame from voronoi breaking

Solid and Void model

 Project the line for laser cut surface

 Final form

Extracting surface